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April 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

a reflection of my to do list

Whoa, over the past few days I really haven’t had my shit together. It’s been an epic getting-my-shit-together FAIL.

I’ve been moping all morning watching Pride and Prejudice, longing for Colin Firth, while a to do list as long as something really, really long has been eyeing me off in quite the evil manner.

I have (typically) written a few posts without publishing them.

But this afternoon I finally shot off a few urgent emails, so I am grateful to myself for finally plucking up the courage to complete such a menial task, and I award myself fifty points.

Now I’m off to buy ingredients for dinner, and then I have to pay a few bills. I’ll be eternally grateful if I can get it all done before dusk draws nigh. And I’ll be pretty damn pleased if I can throw a load of washing on too!

Gratitude out.


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