Just Did It

March 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Huzzah! As of today my physical movement slump is at an end. I told myself yesterday I needed to get back into exercise post-haste, and I came through with the goods. I’m going to give myself a pat on the back, you should too, even if all you’ve done today is update your Facebook status. Everyone deserves a pat on the back once in a while.

So here’s what I learnt:

Fight the negative self-talk

I almost talked myself out of going to the gym this morning. Don’t let those negative little thoughts weasel their way into your brain. Shut them down, throw on your sneakers and get out that door. Just do it; or so I think I’ve heard before, that sounds a little familiar.

Take it easy

Don’t go too hard too fast. I managed to do forty five minutes on the treadmill at a moderate pace. At one point where I tried to increase the incline and the speed I really noticed how unfit I have become. My chest started to hurt and my airways were clogging up due to my exercise-induced asthma, so I took it back down to what I could manage and will build up slowly over the months as my fitness increases.

If you are asthmatic like me (and a huge portion of the Australian population)

Then don’t forget to use your prescribed ventilator/inhaler etc. Buy two and keep one in your gym bag.

Rehydrate with food

One of the reasons I became lax in my fitness regimen within the last year was because I’d always develop dehydration headaches right after exercise, no matter how much water I drank, and it started to take its toll. Today was no exception. As I was walking home from the gym I could feel my eyeballs starting to throb; the beginnings of a headache. When I arrived home I included half an avocado in my post-workout breakfast. Due to its high potassium and magnesium content (both natural electrolytes) I believe it helped me to rehydrate, in addition to some water, and now I’m headache free. In the past I would even take a magnesium supplement prior to a workout to prevent dehydration, but that effort was totally trumped by a humble avocado.

High Five Yourself

Hey I’m back on the bike. I should feel proud of this small step towards a huge accomplishment, and I do. So should you. Give yourself a little bit of sweet lovin’ every time you make progress (and even times when you don’t, hey, at least we’re trying right).


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