Bec’s Brownie Bliss Bullets

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Why Bliss Bullets and not Bliss Balls you ask?

Because they are the ammunition of choice by The Craving Assassin, of course!

Each mouthful is a burst of chocolaty-nutty heaven.

Take one bullet during your 3pm slump and never again will you find yourself scrounging around the bottom of your handbag for loose change to hand over to a vending machine.

You’ll never be in search of chocolate again (well, I personally barely even met my usual Easter Chocolate Consumption Quota – a few eggs from my sister, that was it)!

I’ve forgotten that the confectionary aisle at the supermarket even exists.

Also all ingredients are vegan, raw (er, not counting puffed millet – so I lied, sue me…. please don’t) and gluten-free – if those sorts of things float your boat.


1 cup puffed millet

3 T freshly ground flax meal

1/2 cup raw cashews

1/2 cup raw walnuts

1/3 cup tahini

1/2 cup rice malt syrup

1/4 cup raw cacao powder


Blitz nuts and millet in a blender/food processor to a fine crumbly mixture.

With powerful food processors you can then dump in the rest of the ingredients blitz again and you’re good to go.

Alternatively mix the crumbly nut mixture, cacao powder and flax meal in a bowl. Next add the tahini and rice malt syrup. Mix well until the texture is consistent throughout.

Press the mixture into small ball shapes, then place in the fridge to set.

Makes approximately 25 balls.

This is definitely one bullet I’d take for a friend.

(And stay tuned for more completely tops variations.)


I am grateful for…..

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a reflection of my to do list

Whoa, over the past few days I really haven’t had my shit together. It’s been an epic getting-my-shit-together FAIL.

I’ve been moping all morning watching Pride and Prejudice, longing for Colin Firth, while a to do list as long as something really, really long has been eyeing me off in quite the evil manner.

I have (typically) written a few posts without publishing them.

But this afternoon I finally shot off a few urgent emails, so I am grateful to myself for finally plucking up the courage to complete such a menial task, and I award myself fifty points.

Now I’m off to buy ingredients for dinner, and then I have to pay a few bills. I’ll be eternally grateful if I can get it all done before dusk draws nigh. And I’ll be pretty damn pleased if I can throw a load of washing on too!

Gratitude out.

I am grateful for…..

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this timely post over at The Happiness Cocktail

indian food

the forgiveness of friends (I feel like I’ve mentioned this before, oh well, though it doesn’t make me sound like BFF material)

cows – I cannot imagine a world without milk, cheese and butter; plus they’re super cute, i love jersey cows

my boyfriend who is an open communicator, and whom wrangles my emotions from the depth of the closed book that I am

Just Did It

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Huzzah! As of today my physical movement slump is at an end. I told myself yesterday I needed to get back into exercise post-haste, and I came through with the goods. I’m going to give myself a pat on the back, you should too, even if all you’ve done today is update your Facebook status. Everyone deserves a pat on the back once in a while.

So here’s what I learnt:

Fight the negative self-talk

I almost talked myself out of going to the gym this morning. Don’t let those negative little thoughts weasel their way into your brain. Shut them down, throw on your sneakers and get out that door. Just do it; or so I think I’ve heard before, that sounds a little familiar.

Take it easy

Don’t go too hard too fast. I managed to do forty five minutes on the treadmill at a moderate pace. At one point where I tried to increase the incline and the speed I really noticed how unfit I have become. My chest started to hurt and my airways were clogging up due to my exercise-induced asthma, so I took it back down to what I could manage and will build up slowly over the months as my fitness increases.

If you are asthmatic like me (and a huge portion of the Australian population)

Then don’t forget to use your prescribed ventilator/inhaler etc. Buy two and keep one in your gym bag.

Rehydrate with food

One of the reasons I became lax in my fitness regimen within the last year was because I’d always develop dehydration headaches right after exercise, no matter how much water I drank, and it started to take its toll. Today was no exception. As I was walking home from the gym I could feel my eyeballs starting to throb; the beginnings of a headache. When I arrived home I included half an avocado in my post-workout breakfast. Due to its high potassium and magnesium content (both natural electrolytes) I believe it helped me to rehydrate, in addition to some water, and now I’m headache free. In the past I would even take a magnesium supplement prior to a workout to prevent dehydration, but that effort was totally trumped by a humble avocado.

High Five Yourself

Hey I’m back on the bike. I should feel proud of this small step towards a huge accomplishment, and I do. So should you. Give yourself a little bit of sweet lovin’ every time you make progress (and even times when you don’t, hey, at least we’re trying right).

I am grateful for…..

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my embrace of fibre… never have I felt so healthy inside (or so gassy)

unashamed couch potato nights spent watching shows that actually make me laugh

an appreciation of wholesome food

living so close to wonderfully diverse restaurants, cafés, grocery stores and produce markets… if there’s an ingredient I need, chances are I’ll find it



March 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

are the number one reason to get back into fitness, and also remind me of this funny scene from The Simpsons

Homer receives the telephone bill.

Homer: Burkina Faso?  Disputed Zone?  Who called all these weird places?
Homer’s Brain: Quiet, it might be you!  I can’t remember.
Homer: Naw, I’m going to ask Marge.
Homer’s Brain: No, no!  Why embarrass us both?  Just write a check and I’ll release some more endorphins.

Homer scribbles a check, then sighs with pleasure.

If only it were so simple to receive an endorphin kick.


actually, I noted a slight rise in endorphin levels after I first saw this picture

Fitness wise, I’ve been out of commission for about a year and could really do with a jog-induced mood boost.

Other favourite benefits from a bit of moderate movement include:

  • Cranium clarity
  • Cardiovascular health… useful for a girl like me with a family history of CV disease
  • Strong muscles… my thighs have a vice like strength… don’t mess with me or I’ll put you in a thigh headlock
  • Luminous skin which glows a rude shade of health
  • A hike in energy levels



Tomorrow I execute operation Get Arse to Gym Because You’re Already Paying For It, Dingus!

And how do I plan to stick it out on the treadmill for at least twenty minutes having not even sniffed one for almost a year?

Well, either pretend I’m being chased by T-Rex, or that I’m undertaking arduous physical conditioning as part of an elite squad training to become assassins.

How do you break through that mental barrier that can hold you back from physical activity?

I am grateful for…..

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enduring and forgiving friendships

the seed of motivation

being able to eat one cookie without the guilt

music that helps me sleep and a big comfy bed

my (mostly) understanding boyfriend